The name Biotin is from the work “biotos”, which is the ancient Greek word meaning life and sustenance. It surely does not fall short of its name. This B-vitamin is well known for supporting skin, hair and nails. Getting enough biotin also works as a preventative measure, protecting your skin from such conditions as fungal infections and acne. It can also aid in keeping the skin moisturized and prevent cracking. But did you know Biotin is much more!
Biotin is an important part of enzymes in the body that break down substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others.

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Specific Benefits



Biotin helps to break down carbohydrates so they can be used more efficiently by the body as energy. Your body’s metabolic rate is therefore elevated meaning the food is consumed and absorbed at a faster rate.
Biotin oversees the following metabolic functions:

Heart Health