Scarlet SRF

Collagen Induction Therapy

Nudus Beauty is now offering the Scarlet SRF. Scarlet is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes short-pulse radio frequency (SRF)  with microneedling to rebuild collagen in the skin.

Scarlet SRF has been approved bt the FDA as a safe and effective therapy for anti-aging therapy. Scarlet delivers radio frequency energy beneath the superficial layer through specialized microneedles. The body responds to this by stimulating the productio of collagen – the skin’s main structureal protein- to repair and tighten skin.

The Scarlet SRF can be used to treat:

  • anti-aging
  • loose skin
  • scars
  • large pores 
  • skin texture
  • all areas of the body


Combine this with your own growth factors using plant derived exosomes to enhance the results and speed up recovery.

Exosomes are the next frontier in regenerative cellular therapy. They are the extracellular vesicles that foster cell-to-cell communication and regeneration.  As we age, communication between cells declines, causing inflammation and other conditions. Improving cell communication with exosomes can improve healing, healthy tissue regeneration and more.

Whether your beauty concerns are in the face, neck, hands, legs or other body parts the Scarlet RF can take care of you with speed and comfort.

A Revolutionary Minimally Invasive
Radio Frequency Microneedling Technology

Scarlet SRF has been noted to be the most comfortable Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling treatment due to the next-generation robotic motor. The  Scarlet SRF delivers a more comfortable patient experience -without compromising the speed of the treatment.

The Scarlet SRF is your best defense against the signs of photo-aging, acne, scars, and striae and can dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin with a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

Safely and Effectively treat all skin types


Treatment times varies from 30 minutes to an hour from start to finish.

Depending on your treatment areas and treatment goals 1 to 3 treatments may be needed.

Most people see visible results IMMEDIATELY. The effects of the dermal remodeling will improve over 2 to 3 months.

Treatments typically last 6 months to a year, depending on your skin type.

Recovery time after treatment is is minimal. You can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

You will be given specially derived exosomes serum (plant based) before, during and after treatment to help enhance your treatment goals.

Prior to any treatment you will meet with a specialist for a consultation to discuss any concerns and treatment goals.

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frequently asked question

Scarlet will tighten the skin in the scalp, face, neck, and body. It can also lift the eyelids and improve skin texture, pores, photoaging, scars, acne, and stretch marks.

The cost varies by the area but can range from $500  to $5000 depending on area and number of treatments needed to meet your treatment goals. Most clients will need a series of one to three treatments performed about 6 weeks apart.

YES, Nudus offers packages and payment plans to help make treatment(s) more obtainable and affordable. Our payment plans are offered through Cherrypayments

You can call today for mor information 774-704-6915.


Click on payment plans. Applying is quick and easy, you will get answer in less then 30 seconds and it will not impact your credit.

It takes about 20 minutes to treat the face and 10 minutes to add the neck or chest. Larger areas will vary based on size and may take 20-50 minutes on average.


Most clients report only slight discomfort or no pain at all. We do use a topical anesthetic for numbing on more sensitive areas and it is included in cost of the treatment.

It is recommend avoiding blood thinners (NSAIDs) for one week. Avoid lasers, LED light treatments or chemical peels for 4 weeks before your treatment. Avoid all skincare products containing retinol for 4 weeks. Discontinue Accutane use 6 months prior to treatment. Drink a lot of water for 4 days before the treatment. Avoid sun tanning, sun exposure and spray-on tanning for 2 weeks before.

Once you book your treatment a specialist will call you to do a brief consultation to address any questions or concerns.

You should not have this treatment performed if you have an implantable metal electrical device such as a pacemaker, cardioverter or defibrillator. You should also avoid this if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have had keloid or delayed recovery, you are not a candidate. We also do not treat clients with a history of skin cancer in the areas to be treated.

Visible tightening results come immediately and the results of dermal remodeling appear over time in the course of new collagen, elastin fiber regeneration, and vascular remodeling. For most clients, measurable results appear gradually in 2-3 months. The results can last 6 months to a year following a treatment series depending on your skin condition and the aging process.

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Use the recommended post-care for 48-72 hours (provided to you at no cost) for quicker healing times. Avoid using any products containing retinol or acid cleansers for 2 weeks. Avoid the sun, sun tanning or spray tanning for 2 weeks after treatment. Always wear an SPF of 25 or greater.

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