The Healing Hands of Reiki

Reiki has continued to gain recognition over the past 30+ years.

The Rei symbol:

In short, the lines in the Rei are symbolic of bringing the Life Force, spiritual energy that flows down from Heaven through clouds of illusion and represents Sight. The 3 squares are symbolic of mouths praying, asking for blessings from Heaven and represents Sound. The lower horizontal line represents under Heaven and the 2 figures represent shamans dancing. The vertical line represents the connection between Heaven and earth. It is through the dance that they connect Heaven and earth bringing the blessings of Heaven to earth in Gesture. 

The Ki symbol

The 2 horizontal lines are representative of moisture vapor and life force energy. The horizontal vertical line represents the earths crust. The figure beneath the earth’s crust is the seed. The life force energy penetrates the earth’s crust and is absorbed by the seed; as energy, it explodes with growth and bursts through the covering of the earth. Nothing can deter the power of the growing seed. When you take in Reiki energy, nothing can stop the growth, promoting Change. 

Reiki is not a cult, religion, or a form of hypnosis. It is not a form of mind control or a method of faith healing. 

Reiki is safe, requires no equipment, demands no altering of consciousness, and works well with any healing modality. It is gentle, non-invasive, relaxing, calming, and useful in stress reduction. Reiki restores the life force energy and is an important part of maintaining overall wellness. 

Reiki is the universal life force energy . A non-visible energy that surrounds, flows through, and extends outward from the human body. It is essential for body function and life. It is composed of three major parts: The Aura or energy field that surrounds everyone.

Reiki is safe to use daily to activate and amplify the life force energy within, and can be useful for physical ailments, emotional/mental responses, chronic ailments, and acute or emergency situations. It eases anxiety and discomfort, relieves pain, promotes relaxation, and assists in the maintenance of positive wellness. 

Reiki must be experienced to truly be appreciated.