We all could use alittle help getting rid of extra pounds! Weight loss injections might be just what YOU need. Maybe it is your first attempt at the diet game or its the last attempt to get rid of those pounds that just wont budge.

Extra weight impacts every aspect of your life. Physical and mental health can decline when you are overweight. You are not alone in the struggle to get et healthy. More then half of America is overweight and we are here to help YOU!

We offer weight loss injections that have shown to help reduce weight and 
– May improve Blood Pressure
– May improve cholesterol
– Improves Blood Sugar.

You may just want a once a week shot or you might like some help with motivation, or nutrition. Your decide what you need, we are here to HELP! 

Nudus offers Semaglutide and/ or vitamin and mineral injections and infusions that may assist in weight loss and other health benefits. 

We have a monthly plans and packages to fit your budget. 

Book your consultation today! Consultations include a comprehensive interview with our practitioner who can help you decide what is the best and safest plan to get you the best result. Labs may be ordered if you have not had any in past 60 days  

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